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A place where standard TPA practices meet innovation is called Inmedicas

Your competitors use old-fashioned, disconnected and expensive claims management and benefit administration systems, causing discontinuity obstacles, inefficiency, and ultimately a loss of customers.

They are stuck in lengthy paper forms and manual processes. They need to hire costly consultants and have to customize code in order to adapt to regulatory changes and new legislations.

We give you a key to huge advantage against competitors. With Inmedicas you get the best and most innovative technology available on the market. It brings intelligent automation to definitions of products, provider network management, claim processing and billing.

Inmedicas provides immediate response to every claim; the response contains complete explanation of benefits and each transaction is processed instantly.

Five reasons to start using
Inmedicas today

Reduce Risks

Immediately calculate co-payment with all rules automatically applied, deductibles checked and limits observed. Prevent fraud before it happens.

Save money

Reduce manual claim processing costs and significantly increase your auto-adjudication rates.

Increase Productivity

Use the power of flexible rules-based processing to setup a highly effective environment and achieve best possible results.

Simplify Benefits Administration

Easily launch and manage your health insurance products and benefits. Remain compliant with government regulations. Setup product options, rules, co-payments, deductibles, etc.

Make your customers happy

Decreasing claim processing time, more accurate and precise results, flexible product and benefit administration have positive effects on customers perception of your services.

If you're going to stay highly competitive in the market and be able to provide excellent services to your customers, it's time to consider brand new and smart Inmedicas platform as your primary tool.

I've started using Inmedicas recently, and already see a positive impact on my business. It hides complicated claim processing behind the curtain, saving a lot of monkey work.

George Zinger,
Fringe Benefits Coordinators, Inc.

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by Inmedicas

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Provider Network

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Auto Adjudication
of Claims



Integration with
External Systems

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